It began as a song, but grew into a movement.  

The death of Freddie Gray came on the heels of several highly controversial police shootings.  The nation was divided as mass protest broke-out nationwide against police shootings.  It seemed at that time America became either black AGAINST white, or white AGAINST black.  All at once society seemed to take sides on either extreme.  The name "GRAY" echoed the message of Dr. Martin Luther King that black and white must come together as Gods children.  This was the inspiration that gave birth to the song that called America to national unity, GRAY.  

Christian / Inspirational artist Pryme Minister brought this message to Baltimore MD after the riots and received positive response from locals, later took the GRAY message to Birmingham Alabama where the "The Gray Movement" was born.  The  song was chosen to honor the 4-Little Girls killed in the 1963 church bombing.  With the support of the City of Birmingham's Mayors office, the Birmingham Youth Fellowship Choir, East Lake Baptist Church and a host of others answered the call to come together.   From the historical grounds of Kelly Ingram Park a monument to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, The Gray Movement was born. 

Our goal is to remind America of our dark past from which we have come.  Our best work as a nation we accomplished when we came together.  GRAY is a message from All Mighty God that this nation should never be divided again.  Freddie Gray died on April 12th on the anniversary of day the Civil War began (April 12).  The Civil War was GRAY because we came together to fight the south, the Civil Rights movement was also Gray because black and white organized together across this nation to fight for equality.

Today America needs a another GRAY moment